Add more settings in Geofencing


You can choose two scenarios when u are at home and away. But you can’t add clock settings on both scenarios. When you are localised at home you can’t set a night programmation for example (alarms + recording for the night).

I hope u will understand my request.



I agree. Whe need an option on all devices where you can have a option that with geofencing, that sets up all the functions like when you are away, but you are actually home and asleep. Just put in a geofencing+ night/ sleep mode.


The most obvious way around this from a coding point of view would surely be to include geofencing as an option which can be selected within the timetable mode. Eg 8am to 8pm geofencing 8pm to 8am night mode.

Though this would not be ideal, it may be an easier step to implement as a short term improvement.




I literally got robbed this evening exactly because this feature is not accessible. Long time was asked on this forum from me (at least an year ago!) and several years back from other people.

It is incredible that is not available when all the competition ask the same price with that feature.
I literally threw away my cameras, since after all the money spent, they were useless.

Thanks Eufy!

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This has been requested for nearly 2 years and eufy can’t figure it out.

I gave up on them and moved onto real companies. Eufy is a joke. Sucks.

I agree there needs to be some more things available to the geofencing setting.
I have come from Arlo cameras and you can set the schedule so you can have away active at night when you sleep and home active during the day .if you are you are away during the day the geofencing switches to away This can then happen automatically.


Yes, exactly. I want to be able to set up a schedule & have geofencing that activates when no one is home. Really a do it yourself routine like Alexa Routines.