Add a Device: No cam 2

Installing new system. Home base 2 and two cam 2s. The home base was easy but when I went to add a new device, cam 2 wasn’t an option. There was a cam pro, which didn’t work. Eufy cam did. Kind of confusing. I trust that was the correct option.

I just checked and see what your saying. The Eufy Cam Pro is a new camera Eufy is working on so it would not be that one. I’m assuming that Eufy Cam would cover Eufy Cam 2 as well. That’s a good question! @AnkerSupport can you answer this?

Eufy cam seems to be working. Still a bit confusing.

Hey Guys!

To address your cocnern, the device option has been updated!

You can now add the device by distiguish the eufycam, eufycam 2 and eufycam 2 pro :slight_smile:

Please updated the eufy secyruty app first and see if the issue still perists.

Hope this information helps. If we can offer further assistance in the future, please do not hesitate to contact us again. We’re always ready to help!

Thanks again for all your support. Have a lovely day!