Add 10 sec to “end clip early if motion stops”. PLEASE!

Currently we have two options.

  1. End clip early and have the UPS driver pull up and record stops… next clip the truck is leaving. No driver could be seen or how he handled my package. ( or like this morning a bobcat was right at my front door …it stopped for a second and that was it. No other recording. Ugh

  2. set my cams to record to a set time regardless of motion. Ugh. Battery KILLER!

The option of 10 extra seconds after motion stops would fix all this. ( and I could see where that huge kitty went before I walked outside )

Please consider.


Indoor cams give 25 second after motion stops … how bout 10?

Great idea, I agree, if we had the additional option to fine tune after motion stops we could resolve this issue. I’ve noticed since a few updates ago the clip stops recording (sometimes even in the even in the middle of motion), the ability to add a small buffer would resolve rather than setting all motions to record at a fixed longer length. This might be a faster solution rather than trying to perfect motion detection algorithm. Would be keen to hear Eufy’s thoughts?

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Yes please.

A slider to change when recording stops after no motion detected.

This would also remedy the issue I have using automation.

I set my doorbell to start recording when motion is detected on my driveway camera but the recording always stops before the person enters the detection zone of the doorbell then usually starts again when they’re leaving.

I’d also love an option to continue recording in all cameras if there’s motion detected on any camera.

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I should add I don’t just want a 10 second runoff… I want it to continue recording if motion resumes in those 10 sec.


Just created a new topic because I didn’t see anything when searching. Seached a little different and found this one. This is exactly what I would like as well. Add an option to keep recording for xxx seconds after motion has ended, but if motion continues during that time, keep recording.

The UPS driver in the original post is a great example.

Seems like a pretty simple addition to settings as well. especially if they already have this for indoor camera.

For reference, I have HomeBase 2 and 3x eufyCam 2C


I’ll plus one this too. More control would be better thanks.

I don’t want fragmented clips or dead battery.

I’m sick of my cameras cutting out mid way through a motion. Regardless of whether motion ceased or not. I’m getting 7 or 8 second clips in OPTIMAL SURVEILLANCE MODE, with the camera failing to record all motion. Fragmented video clips of 7 seconds in length IS NOT USEFUL VIDEO SURVEILLANCE.
Further more, we had our cameras set to battery saving mode, basically good for nothing mode, and that’s the only way to get the advertised battery life? 356 days? We were lucky to get 3 months in before needing to recharge these cameras!
Paid extra for the better battery life and they only way to benefit of of you set the cameras to do nothing.

I’m fed up with these Eufy cameras.
Fix the issues or I’m getting my money back.