Activity Zones Need Fixed

If Eufy doesn’t realize by now, they aren’t paying attention because this has been brought up more than enough. Activity zones need to work better and actually work. The zones need more “points” on them to adjust the size and shape of the box. Right now there are 4 edit points. It easily needs to be 6 or 8 to give more accurate zone creation. It would be great to be able to be able to mark no record areas, for use on streets and sidewalks etc. I know there is now the privacy thing but that’s what I’m talking about or what is needed here.


True, same issue here


I can only answer the following 2 devices as they are the only ones I currently use (although have ordered a couple of eufyCam 2C as they are currently on sale). The Battery Doorbell has 6 points and the eufyCam 2 Pro only has 4. I didn’t realise the eufyCam 2 Pro was only 4 until I checked after seeing this post, this will make me think were to put it now as I was intending it to cover the front driveway but we live on a main road :neutral_face:


I hope they address this soon as could do with more adjustment points.


Got my 2 x eufyCam 2C today. Just checked and they are only 4 adjustment points as well :worried:

Does anyone know if this is due to software or hardware limitation seeing as the wireless doorbell has 6 points?


I have the same issue with the 2c. My doorbell has more points to set activity zone and I need the same at the 2C.

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Lol Good luck ever getting those to work. The problem is they don’t know how to fix it.