Activity Zones - Disappearing & Cant record Live video

My Android app updated last night and now i am having a bug where my activity zones keep disappearing … I have also noticed i cant record from Live View with my eufy cam 2 … Anyone else having this problem?

Just noticed my partners IPhone is doing the same thing

Yes I have the problem on Android. Set up new activity zones but they disappear.

I am experiencing the same issue regarding disappearing activity zones. I contacted the support group yesterday and this was their response just received:

“Regarding the problem that the activity zones cannot be saved, we noticed that it was caused by the 2.1.0 app version. Also, our back-end team has been working on it and will release a new app version 2.1.1 to solve it within 24 to 48 hours. Then you could upgrade your app version to 2.1.1 and reset the activity zone to solve this problem.”

Hopefully this will help all of us!

Fingers crossed this fix’s the problem … It seems like it stay ok for an hour or two then i get loads of notifications for activity … Very annoying as ive never had a problem with the app :frowning:

I’m now able to add and retain the activity zones. Although, when I started, the position of the last zone I added would not be retained when I started adding them. I had to make sure that I saved the position a couple of times after selecting it before I exited the screen. To be doubly sure, I then began saving each zone before adding additional zones. Fingers crossed!