Activity Zone Flexibility

It would be nice to have more options for activity zones. For example, if we could choose shapes that are not just rectangles. I have a sidewalk the runs diagonally across my screen but the square shape of the activity zone allows only verticle and horizontal lines. It would also be nice to further modify how activity zones affect recordings and notifications. Like instead of recording things that happen outside of the activity zone, like a car driving in the street, it could erase that since I’m not concerned with it. It would be nice if the motion sensitivity only applied to the activity zone or if I could choose zones on the screen as non-activity zones, like a bush that always moves in the wind.


Agree 100 %. Doorbell has nice activity zone editor. It is wierd that cameras have a different editor which has only rectangles.

100% agree
Managing square is really painful. Why can’t we do the same thing than on 360 Eufy cam ?!