Accessing footage with out camera

Hi I have had my camera from out the front stolen and can’t load videos does anyone know how to access them from the home base

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@m0s Unfortunately, the footage may be gone for good. This has been a comcern/complaint with Eufy since January with no fixes in sight.

Please read below for more info.
Major Flaw - Delete Homebase data via camera

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Depending on the sequence of events, you may still be able to view past events but you should save anything important quickly.

Last time I tested, if someone just takes a camera and walks away with it, you can still access the stored clips in the Events. If they hit the Sync button and walk away, everything got wiped from the system. That is because when you Sync the camera, it will destroy the homebase record key used to retrieve the stored video. The clips are still there, they just can’t be viewed or downloaded. Eufy did have a tentative fix that they pushed out that stored the clips under the camera’s serial instead of its name, but I think that got overwritten on a later firmware update.

I was going to do some testing again and see if they have fixed anything more on the issue, but haven’t had the time lately.

You could check your past events and see if there are any records that show up without a name but with a serial number and see if they have brought that fix back.

Eufy’s lack of action on this known issue is shameful. A reputable company would have made this the #1 priority for the entire company. You have a good story for a news publication interested in doing investigative journalism into deceptive/defective company practices and products