A Quick Update on Community Support

Hi, eufy Security fans,

Just to let you know, due to an over-abundance of requests sent to our customer service team in recent weeks, @AnkerSupport is unable to reply to your queries on the community at this time. I will try to ask PM to answer some of the professional questions, but the reply may not be on time (They are so busy developing new products).

If you are currently experiencing an issue with one of our products, please send an email direct to: support@eufylife.com. You can get faster reply there.

The eufy Security Team


Thanks for the heads up @Mengdi :slightly_smiling_face:

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thanks @Mengdi

Any chance there will be Home Integration updates instead of half way done products? The cameras are good but after looking through the community I see a lot of software updates that would be way better than products? Please stick with cameras and make the best camera on the market that have all the options.


Couldn’t agree with this more. Please can you finish and update broken features on existing products?


Software updates are need for existing products. Take care of business please


Unable to connect to the application server…
When is going to be fixed?.
Get notifications but nothing in events.
Not happy at all.
Lift your game.