A Quick Guide to the eufy Protection Plan (Plus)

Hey, security conscious user!

We’re happy to announce that our monitoring service has started! Thank you for your continued support, we’re delighted that you have trusted us to help bring you even greater protection. Before you get started, we wanted to run you through a few things.

  1. Initialization
  2. Setting up your device rules
  3. Alarm delay & Leaving delay
  4. Testing your auto-alarm system
  5. Practice mode

Setting up your protection plan


Before getting started with your monitoring service, it’s best to complete the initialization process. Once you fill out your basic information and select your devices, your house will be under our 24/7 protection. We will contact you and send help immediately when a situation is detected.


  1. Please update your HomeBase firmware to v2.1.6 for the Professional Monitoring Service features.
  2. Only selected devices are available for setting up auto-alarm rules.

Setting up your Device Rules

Set your desired device as a trigger via the ‘Security mode’ in the security settings of the app. Then tick the ‘Monitoring Center Alarm’ checkbox to make the device an active trigger.

Please note the following:

  1. Your camera might be prone to frequent triggers if it is facing an area with high activity. To reduce false alerts, ensure your camera is set up for appropriate detection before ticking the ‘Monitoring Center Alarm’ checkbox.

  2. " Record Video " is used to preserve evidence for yourself in case of an emergency. " Push Notifications " enable you to receive alarm information as soon as a trigger has been activated. We highly recommend you tick both boxes to optimize communication with the monitoring center.

Alarm delay & Leaving delay

Setting an ’ Alarm Delay ’ is helpful in reducing the frequency of false alarms. You can set up a delay time (0s-300s) to gain a buffer period before the alarm is sounded. In this interval, you can choose to manually cancel the alarm before the request is sent to the monitoring center.

Similarly, you can set a ‘Leaving Delay’ if you activate a security mode with an alarm action and you have to pass by a triggered device before leaving your house. In this way, you can leave your home without triggering any alarm.

Useful Tip: Alarm delay and leaving delay can only be set for devices that are synced with HomeBase.

Testing your auto-alarm system

After setting a trigger, you will want to test that it is working correctly! Switch your security system to the relevant mode and check to see if it is operating correctly. To do this, why not try the following with your entry sensor?

  • Switch to 'Away mode ’ after configuring your entry sensor rules.
  • Open the door to trigger the alarm system.
  • Check to see if you receive a message from the monitoring center.

If you have followed the steps described above you should have received the message. This means you are now being protected by our Monitoring Center! Congratulation!

Remember: Always switch your Security Mode when returning/leaving home. False triggers are most common if you forget to switch the mode.

Practice mode

After completing the initialize process, a 7-day practice mode will be activated automatically. All emergency requests will be deemed as practice and will not be sent to first responders. Feel free to test your alarm system as much as you please and then cancel the practice mode when you feel comfortable.

How auto-alarms work

[Device alarm sounding - stage 1] For Homebase devices, you can customize the countdown timer in ‘Alarm delay’. You will receive an alarm notification when your devices are triggered and the system will auto-request emergency service at the end of countdown. You can cancel this alarm without PIN code before auto-request emergency service.

Remember: This stage is visible only after you set up an alarm delay. For other devices, the alarm system will auto-request the emergency service directly if you don’t set up a delay timer.

[Confirm your situation - stage 2] Our team will be alerted when your alarm system detects a security issue. We’ll give you a message/call from a dedicated support line to see if you need an emergency response.

[Help is on the way- stage 3] If you give the go-ahead or can’t answer, the team will dispatch emergency responders like the police department to your address.

One final thing!

Please be on alert for the message or phone call from the monitoring center. Check the blacklist on your phone in case you missed the call.

eufy plus Protection plan also covers manual requesting emergency assistance. Click the following link if you want to know more about this feature.

A Quick Guide to Protection Plan (Basic)

If you have any questions at all about our monitoring service, feel free to reach out to our helpful customer support team at any time!