A Quick Guide to eufy Protection Plan (Basic)

Hey, security conscious user!

We’re happy to announce that our monitoring service has started! Thank you for your continued support, we’re delighted that you have trusted us to help bring you even greater protection. Before you get started, we wanted to run you through a few things.

Set up your protection plan

To start the monitoring service, we highly recommend you follow the initialization process after subscribing to the protection plan. Once you fill out your basic information and select your local devices, your house is under our 24/7 protection. We will contact you and send help immediately when you request emergency service.

Need to know: Only the selected devices are available to set up the alarm rules.

After completing the initialize process, a 7-day practice mode will be activated automatically. All emergency requests will be deemed as practice and will not be sent to first responders. Feel free to test your alarm system as much as you please and then cancel the practice mode when you feel comfortable.

Manual request emergency service via App or Keypad


The process of manual request emergency service

[Confirm your situation - stage 1] We will try to contact you and confirm your situation once you request the emergency service. Please tell us what happened in your house.

[Help is on the way- stage 2] If you give the go-ahead or can’t answer, the team will dispatch emergency responders like the police department to your address.

Need to know: PIN code is essential to cancel the emergency service.

Points to NOTE

  1. Please update your HomeBase firmware to v2.1.6 for the Professional Monitoring Service features.
  2. Please be on alert for the message or phone call from the monitoring center. Check the blacklist on your phone in case you missed the call.

One final thing!

Click the following link if you’re interested in the auto-alarm service.

A Quick Guide to Protection Plan (Plus)

If you have any questions at all about our monitoring service, feel free to reach out to our helpful customer support team at any time!