5 Cameras instead of 4 in Homekit

I’d like to see Eufy raise the 4 camera limit they set on Homekit to 5. With a 2tb iCloud plan Apple does allow you 5 cameras.


I support the request.
My quick fix for the interim was to buy a 2nd HomeBase used…

To ensure the best user experience, we set the limitation on 4 cameras with one homebase. If you have more than 4 cameras, you would need to add one homebase.

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Where do I buy just a Homebase 2? Don’t need any extra cameras. TY

I agree with this. There is no reason why you cannot override the recommendation if necessary.

I have 5 cameras, I shouldn’t have to buy an extra Homebase for 1 camera.

Also, I managed to add 5 cameras to the Homebase. Just not to HomeKit. So it is capable, its just a software limitation

@dav611 I’m not sure how accurate that information is from last June. I’ve read where a homebase can have up to 16 devices. I can report I have 9 cameras on one homebase with no issue.

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Same here, I’ve added 8 cameras on one homebase without issues

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Ebay has single homebase 2 for sale.

I think the 4 camera limit is a pipe dream. I have 10 cameras, 6 sensors a doorbell and 2 keypads all on one homebase. Maybe the 4 camera limit refers to HomeKit, but The Eufy homebase does fine with more.


Yeah. But only 5 are allowed on Apple HomeKit

@dav611 How many cameras you can add to a Eufy homebase and Apple Homekit are two separate things. I was referring to the Homebase on its own. I would reach out to Apple and see why they’re limiting the cameras and their features.