365 battery life?

365 battery life don’t last we installed system late November already most cameras are on 2bars one went flat today. Are they really 365 days. Is this possiblity only 365 with very very low triggers maybe?

If you read the app Help section, it tells you how they base their calculations for battery life. The more events that happen, the shorter the battery life. It also depends on how long the recording lasts and temperature.

I have 8 cameras with varying battery life based on how many detetions a day they are receiving. The cams in back of the house get average 2-5 detections each day, and at that rate will easily reach 365 days battery life, and more. The cams on the front of the house get more hits (15 -20) and will probably need a recharge at about 8-9 months in. My doorbell, which faces off toward the neighbors, gets 20-25 hits a day and would need to be charged more often except I powered it all the time and it cycles back and forth between 85 -95% of charge.

I am happy with my battery life on all the cams. I did spend some time setting them up so they avoid busy streets and have the right fields of view. That makes a huge difference.


I bought a scooter a few years ago. Hanging from the mirror was a tag that said. “ this scooter gets 125 miles per gallon “. I had a good laugh at that and bought the thing anyway. It gets about 40. I love my scooter!!! Did they lie? I would say if a 12 year old girl (40 lbs) drove it in a circle and never hit the throttle … yep. I’m 180 and it’s 100 percent throttle at all times. I even cut the cam on the thing to give me more gas.

I believe this expectation of battery life has done more wrong than good. Every choice they make in terms of usability starts with “ battery life”. Not what’s best for the users security. Ok,. Ok… I will step off my soap box

@chefrd Agreed! Battery life is important, but it’s not the ‘end-all-be-all’ type thing. Getting 3-4 months with cameras in high traffic areas is expected. I have other priorities on the list for a quality wireless battery camera…where battery life is probably 4th on it, lol.