3 second buffer for wired battery doorbell

I have the eufy battery video doorbell. I have the doorbell connect to the mains power. I’m missing the initial few seconds of person detection during my motion video clips. Would it be possible to add an option 3 second buffer for the video doorbell, as I have to doorbell connected to the mains, it’s not an issue if it uses more power with this enabled. Would be a welcome feature.


The current 3 second buffer on the wired version is not great. Or maybe the motion detection on the wired version is not great. Whatever the case, the difference in video (buffer portion) between the wired version and the battery version is about 2 seconds during the day and <1 second at night (IR only). I got this information from LifeHackster video here (at 4:50 mark):

  1. I’d recommend increasing the buffer on the wired version to 5 seconds. This should be a super easy fix.
  2. Then add this 5 second buffer to the battery version, to be activated ONLY when it is hardwired. Maybe slightly more difficult.

In the last few months has anything changed with the issues with the buffer on the wired doorbell? And has Eufy said if it’s possible they will add pre-buffering to the battery doorbell if it’s hardwired? Thanks!


I’d like this too!

I’m having the same issues with my wired doorbell.
3 second buffer. Would love this to be updates

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I’d love to see that update too for the battery with hard wired doorbell as well.

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Needed. On all wired cams, indoor and out.

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This may be a total coincidence, but if I watch a ‘live’ picture on my battery doorbell (wired), the time stamp is always 3 seconds slow.

I think that is probably just the delay/latency between what’s actually happening and the stream to your phone and is unrelated to a pre-buffer.

You should be able to tell from your recordings or by testing if you have a buffer. If there’s a buffer the videos should start before a person enters the frame (assuming they enter at a close enough distance to be detected. You can test by walking into the frame from 10 ft away and see if it capture anything beforehand.

As far as I know, the battery doorbell (wired or not) does not have provision for a ‘buffer’. Here’s hoping that Eufy can allow one to be set when the battery doorbell is hard wired, but I wont be holding my breath!


This is technically impossible. A buffer of three seconds requires the camera to continuously record. The power provided through the wires is enough to keep the battery charged (even though it’s not much), but not enough to keep the battery charged ánd have a three second buffer. There is simply not enough power for that.
That’s why you need a lot more power when using the wired doorbell.

The power provided by the wires on the wired doorbell is the same as the power that is provided to the battery doorbell when hardwired. So are you saying that the battery doorbell handles the incoming power differently?

After using my battery doorbell for 3+ months now, my opinion has shifted slightly. This may not be possible in the current doorbells, but for future doorbells, I’d like:

  1. Forget about 3 or 5 seconds. I want 10 seconds of buffer at 2K minimum.
  2. Provide the option to power this with standard 110V AC. Probably best to make it compatible with 100-240V to cover the whole world.
  3. Given #2, provide the option to continuously record (this option already exists in the eufy Indoor Cams) when hardwired.

Without a buffer, I’m “missing” so many events. Too many of my recordings begin when the person has already turned around and is starting to walk away (delivery people).


I must say, after using and tweaking the doorbell for some time, I get footage from way before someone’s at the door.
My doorbell is pointed towards the road, which is about 6 meters away. I noticed the recording, which I set at a fixed time of 45s without early ending, starts as soon as someone parks a car at the curb and then walks towards the doorbell. Even noticed the postman first entering the neighbours property to deliver mail, before entering my property. So that’s amazing.

Lucky you. Sometimes a group of ppl will walk up to my battery-only doorbell then into the house and recording only starts with the 2nd or third person! Max sensitivity, no zones, max surveillance settings.

I’d prefer to take a battery life hit and get more recording than missing parts of events

I have sensitivity set at 1 and the motion zone only on my property.
Could be that the doorbell is too busy, especially at max sensitivity and no zones. I read it scales down processing detections when it gets too many false detections.

I use a fixed duration as the doorbell does not capture it when someone stands still a bit in front of the door and then moves away again. Usually when people drop something off there are a few words exchanged and I want to capture it all (that’s why I have the doorbell in the first place).

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We get the same result as you but we have it at high sensitivity and the zone just a tiny bit less than the border … I suppose it is trial and error and we took a while to find the best setting with almost no false alarms. We have it set to human.

Same results as me? My zone is also a little less than the property border. You are absolutely right that it is a bit of work to get everything set up with optimal results. But that’s why they include them, every house / yard / property is different. I feel that people sometimes give up too early and blame eufy for the incorrect behaviour :confused:

Interesting thought re too much data/processing if too sensitive and too big an area, will try some tweaks. Thanks

Yes I agree. It takes s little time and patience.

Yes same result of getting the detection I want and not much else in terms of false alerts.