2K Wired doorbell not fully charging

I bought the 2K wired doorbell with homebase kit, in November of 2021. Set it up and it’s been working well since then. However recently I have noticed when opening the app, the icon shows the battery at 89% and constantly charging. It won’t go any higher.

Is this normal?

Depends on the number of detections and recording time. The external power only trickle-charges the batteries, so 89% is fine. You are better off with less than 100%. Mine cycles around 55%-75%, which makes the batteries last a long time. The only time I intervene is to make sure that the batteries are charged up to 85-90% before winter. Once the temps drop to around 30-40 F, the batteries will cut back on charging current to save destroying the cells. Below 32F no charging will take place, even though its hardwired.

Ya I am aware of what needs to be done to maximize the life of a Liion battery, but this is a newer problem, and it seems to be failing to charge beyond 89% regardless of what’s occurring. Maybe it’s a firmware update with an announced battery saver feature that I missed?