2k wire Video Doorbell constantly missing events

I have had the topic line doorbell since last year. I have found it unreliable at best. It records an event and an hour later misses an event. Botj were people deliverying packages. This happens constantly. Guess I made a mistake in going with Eufy. Will not be buying any other products and will be looking for a replacement doorbell.

Show us a screenshot from your cam. I bet I can guess it’s view before you even post it.

What can you show about a missing event, it is not registrated? I have the same issue, i think mail and packagedeliverers are too fast for the bell to respond.

I have the same problem, even with motion detection maxed out. If I set it to human only it only rarely detects people and if I set it to all motion it will detect cars passing by especially at night even on the lowest setting. Its terrible. Motion zones are flat out totally broken as well.

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