2K Video Doorbell Alexa Press Announcement Problem

I have installed the Eufy 2K video doorbell onto my eufy system and that all works okay! but after setting up with Amazons Alexa the “Show doorbell” works and I can see and talk via the doorbell but the “Doorbell Press Announcements” via the app does not work on any of my Echo, Echo Pro, Echo Dot or the Echo Show 8.

I have looked around the internet for an answer, but found none it appears some work and some don’t!

Can anybody help with this as I purchased this as it said it would work through Alexa particularly the Echo Show?

Many thanks

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I am with you this does not work at all for me. Have tried removing the registered devices from alexa and the skill and adding again and nothing. I announces that the door bell has been pressed but it will not display the live video ever even if you ask it directly.

I have the same problem, video won’t stream on Alexa Show.

Same here annoucement working Bad , i have restart my homebase that work beter but sometimes not working