2k battery video door bell missing events, or only capturing people walking away

Ughhhhh! My Ring Vdeo Doorbell crapped out, so I switched to a Eufy 2k video doorbell purchased at Costco.

So frustrated with this darn gizmo! I’ve tried a myriad of different settings. So far, it totally missed the mailman delivering and only captured the back of another delivery person leaving. I’ve also tested it myself by walking up to the door. No good! This is a BAD safety issue.

Video starts way too late! WTF?

I installed the wedge. The door is on a covered porch directly facing the street which is about 75 ft away.

Thoughts, or should I just return it and go with a different brand?

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I’ve just installed the 2c kit and noticed that it’s doing the same thing. I get an alert but the recording is of them waking away. I also tried it myself, it instantly catches me, but once I play the recording it’s of me going back inside, dispite me moving around for a minute or so.

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