2FA Security is a joke (Update: went live on the website)

Update: 2FA on the website is live!

I’m excited about the cameras. But the security Eufy is putting on is a joke. So here’s a tip on how to get around the recently introduced two-factor authorization. The security measure is only valid in the app, on the eufy homepage (https://mysecurity.eufylife.com/) an attacker can still log in with user name and password, access cameras and videos and download them. This is very disappointing. Eufy, please fix this.


Maybe eufy’s use of Flash on mysecurity.eufylife.com will deter those hackers with any self respect from penetrating a system deemed not worthy. So, yeah, not to worry at all.


What? I wasn’t even aware of that website! I’ve bought the cameras only because of Homekit (which is still not here) and during signup I was never informed that there is a website to login to to see you videos online. And thats not even protected via 2FA? Are you kidding?
Now it looks like a bad investment more and more to me. No Homekit, no 2FA, no real local solution as we saw during the server downtime a couple of weeks ago.

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@Nrockx unfortunately yes it does appear that way

Wow, that’s such a glaring omission that it shows they still have a way to go in understanding basic product security.

THAT was fast. Checked it a few minutes ago - and now i have to enter my code!


Thanks for the update. Glad to see they fixed that

Hopefully 2FA goes worldwide soon!

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I also think that 2fa is a need and i would also suggest that have more than just sms maybe like google authenticator or something similar

It blows my mind they decided to release a site using Flash when everyone was already well aware of the EOL approaching. I can’t even get the site to load my events, they all just give me an unspecified error and never load. Hopefully they revamp it soon.

I bought eight of these cameras to move away from hosting my own BlueIris server, but this webui might be enough for me to return them.

I’m either ignorant or euphy was use false advertising. Under impression that this isnt a cloud based security system but it certainly seems like it and now I’m finding out anyone cam hack into anyone’s cameras by useing a site I was unaware of. I purchased euphy because they said they were more secure than others amd operated differently. But euphy the same as others amd I may be returning.

@Caschy I’m not yet seeing 2FA on mysecurity.eufylife.com for my US account. Are you in US?

I am in Germany.

I guess they save on bandwidth if no one uses flash and cannot view anything :laughing:

2FA is active on my iOS apps. but signing in via the website is only 1FA - also from Germany here.

I hope they fix this needs to be 2fa on the web portal for everyone everywhere

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I just ordered my 2C set but already created an account.

  • the iOS app has 2FA and works
  • Mac app didn’t sent a code by mail oder text so I can not login
  • website has no 2FA and I can login without a code

Based in Germany

EDIT: 2nd login on the website and the 2FA showed up! :smiley:

2fa is here in the USA now

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