2fa for google assistant

I’m trying to connect Eufy security to my google home account. After I logged in with my Eufy account there comes a screen with a 2fa for Google assistant. I have 2fa enabled and set in the Eufy app settings and trusted my phone. How do I get the 2fa factor for Google Assistant?



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Nobody with an answer here?
No matter what I try, it keeps asking for the 2fa factor that I don’t have and or get by mail or sms.
Any help here is appreciated.


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I’m trying to connect Eufy security to my google home account. After I logged in with my Eufy account I get a screen with a 2fa for Google assistant (see below) I have 2fa enabled and set in the Eufy app settings and trusted my phone. I have 2fa enabled and set in the Google account and trusted my phone but do not receive a code via email or phone. How do I get the 2fa factor code for Google Assistant?


The issue is now resolved, an email with a 6 digit code is required via email. Yesterdays emails were not received and todays took 2 hours.

Your one-time authentication code from eufy Security
Your eufy Security one-time authentication code is:
XXXXXX It’s valid within 5 minutes.

My code worked OK 2 hours after it had been sent.

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I never get an email when trying to add the Eufy service to Google.

I have tried by disabling the 2fa en turn it back on and than I get a new 2fa that I for Google Home. It says its is linking my account but it doesn’t end up in the added services list and I do not see my Eufy devices.

I have also created a topic on this at the Google Nest forum but no answer yet.

Topic at Google Nest

Can someone confirm that it s even possible to connect the Eufy Security service to Google Home?
It drives me somehow crazy because it just want end up in the Google Home added service list.

This is what I have done to connect.

  • Turn off 2fa in the Eufy security app
  • Turn it back on the get a 2fa code
  • in Google Home I go to works with Google and search for Eufy Security
  • log in to the Eufy Security service with the emailed 2fa code that was sent
  • I see that Google Home is linking the account
  • when finisht no devices are added and Eufy security is not added to the added services list.

Where does it go wrong, Eufy, Google or me?


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It finally got it working in Google Home with a second account.
Is not really a smooth process.

So the email for 2FA comes from Eufy not Google?

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What I did to solve it was this:

  1. Try to logon to https://mysecurity.eufylife.com/#/login
  2. Enter my credentials
  3. Get the 2FA from THIS prompt.
  4. Use the prompt from step 3 in the prompt when trying to add the Eufysecurity to Google Home.

This is COMPLETELY a workaround and unorthodox. I had to get the 2FA code from Eufy somehow and I had to do it this way.

It is slightly worrying that a 2FA code generated to logon to the website can also be used to add Eufy to Google Home/Assistant.

Hope Eufy fix this glaring error soon!


check out my post below and see if it helps.

This worked for me thanks. Crazy you have to work around a known issue like this.

This did not work for me. What I use this link, it directs me to the Eufy Security app. I tried the workaround in the app, logging out then back in. No joy. All I get is a 500 error after inputting the code from email. This is horrible. I bought these because they were supposed to work easily with Google Home. But, this is trash. There should be an easier path than this hot mess. The cameras themselves are quality, but the supporting software and such have not been a quality experience.

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As far as I know, this is not the 2FA code you may be thinking of. The screenshot you posted is asking you to create your own PIN, for added security, for when anyone asks your Google Assistant to preform certain high security actions such as unlocking a door or turning off a camera.

You can choose any 6 digit numeric password. After entering your new custom PIN into that form twice, the setup will complete.

Let say you entered and saved a custom PIN of 123456 into that form. Now when you ask Google to, “Lock the front door”, or “Turn off the Living Room Camera”, the Google Assistant will ask, “Can I have your PIN?”. Respond to the assistant with the PIN you created of 123456 and the requested camera will turn off, or door will unlock itself.

This worked for me.

I had had to also log out of the Eufy app and restart my phone.
The code had to be used within the time limit

Thank you Mike! Do you know if there is any way disable 2fa within Google Home? It is kind of annoying to keep saying PIN.

Looking forward to your response.

Any solution to this yet? I agree, it’s pretty annoying to keep saying the pin just to lock/unlock the door.

The 2fa is where you define your own pin code which can be any six digit code. Its used for security functions such as turning the camera off.

I found that by lowering resolution from 2K to 1080p fixed my streaming issue to google home display. Unlink and relink Eufy account in google home also helps.