2c Pro price without homebase - same as with !?!

I’m looking into buying some 2C pro cameras, and are looking on several European amazon sites (since eufy doesn’t ship to Denmark, not even from Germany? …)

  • And it strikes me as VERY ODD that a 2 pack of 2c Pro cameras are the same price with and without homebase ???

1 2C pro camera : 150€ - so 2 must be = 300 € (not cheap!!)
1 homebase 2 + 2 2C pro cameras = 300 €

So the homebase is for free ???

Link :

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You are correct @Jasper.viltoft from what I see on Amazon. When you buy the whole kit, comes with 2x 2C Pro cameras and a Homebase. If you need a Add-on 2C Pro, it comes at 150 euro. So little advantage if you buy the kit.
You can add the camera to your existing homebase if you have one that came with another kit or doorbell.

Yes I have a battery doorbell and a home base 2,and just want to install additional cameras, but if I buy 4 cameras, I have two spare homebases… Not smart or sustainable.

Keep an eye on the item as there will be discounts posted time to time. Moreover, instead of loading one homebase with several cameras which will eat up the memory too quick, I would rather have them linked to another homebase.

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I have that setup. The problem is the homebases don’t communicate and you can’t control both from the same keypad or have automations or modes that follow devices on the other homebase. I currently have 6 cams, a couple sensors and a keypad on one homebase and don’t have any issues. My second homebase has 1 cam and 1 sensor in my shed which is a long way from the house. Would be great if I could control the modes of both from one keypad.

Hopefully, Eufy thought about the possibility of expanding to multiple homebases in the design phase and the hardware supports it. I’m sure its a bunch more coding if it wasn’t thought of initially.


That was valuable feedback @pysailr I will pass it to the team.