2C Pro Firmware Update - Spotlight/Status LED

I just wanted to give everyone a heads up, that my 2C Pros got a firmware update to 5.4.5 last night and afterwards the spotlights were not working. I confirmed that they were still enabled in the settings, but I had to toggle to IR and back to spotlight to get them to work again. Just figured I would give everyone a heads up in case it helps.

I also noticed that the update broke the ability to enable the Status Light. The switch wont toggle after confirmation.

Happy recording!

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I have 3 pieces of 2c pro cameras and 4 pieces of 2c cameras. Status LED and spotlight working fine on firmware 5.4.5

Thanks for the input. I guess not my everyone is impacted then. My spotlights are also working fine after toggling the setting, so others might be required to do the same. Not sure on the status of the LEDs. The ones that had it enabled pre-update are still working. I’m still unable to enable it on the rest.