2c night vision detection but no recording

I use a set of 2C eufy cams and I have some issues with recordings. When I enter into the detection zone of the camera at night it detects me (PIR lights turn on) but there is no recording. How can this be? I use the cams inside.

Did you check the security tab and current mode settings for the camera. You can configure the ability of the camera to record video, push notification, camera alarm, and homebase alarm in these settings. If Record video is unchecked, the camera will operate normally and send notifications, but not record.

All settings are correct and I also tried the “customize recording” feature. To emphasize, I still have recordings and alerts, but especially during the night it does not record all detected motion. The example is that I see the PIR lights turning on, thus detecting something, but not record “all motion”. Seems the Homebase might filter…

If it’s outside of a detection zone, then it won’t persist the recording.

How can I edit this? Because it sure detects something and I would expect it to start recording right away when I select “all motion recording”.

In the camera’s setting, go to ‘movement detection’ or something, and then select the ‘activity zone’ setting.
If you have no zones, it picks the entire view when processing detections.

Not working at night with faster movement. The pir lights turn on after detecting me, but again no recording. During daytime, in most cases there is detection. I still think the “all motion” recording setting is filtering out certain events.