2c missed Vehicles... personal record today!

Unofficial 6 so far this morning. Trying hard not to walk into the cams view because human detection breaks its magical blindness. Might jump in my personal vehicle and go past it a bunch and secure fail greatness.
That cam ( and I have switched to another 2c at every charge ) has 1 and only 1 job… vehicle detection. FAIL.

Started this at the same time as HomeKit users cams were auto switching to human only. Don’t / won’t use HomeKit. Just got another cam update … looks like it’s not fixed.

Cams view if your interested:


Girlfriend just drove up… 7 !! Cam2 pros at top of drive are flawless.

Oh… and I have a pan/tilt stuck in a window that’s also flawless. ( just a test for the wired outdoor cam coming soon )

And I also have not tapped on a live view. This will also snap it out of its blindness. Right now the thumbnail is from 335 am where it recorded a bunny the size of a baseball.