2C Cameras Not Communicating With Homebase 2

My 2C cameras are showing live video on my iOS Eufy app but whenever I try to set up the activity zones or adjust the motion detection from people to all motions I get the unable to connect to Homebase (-3) error, so I can’t adjust those settings. Both the cameras and my Homebase 2 are currently on the latest software updates. The Homebase 2 is on a Ethernet setup.
I have a Velop Mesh system with upnp disabled and I don’t have any issue with any other device on that system. I’m able to ping https://security-app.eufylife.com/ping on that system. I’ve tried port forwarding the suggested ports TCP 80 and 433 and UDP 10000-65535 without success. Eufy support then asked me to open all the UDP ports but I don’t think that I’m going to do that.
My camera setup has worked fine with my Velop mesh system ever since I set it up months ago and after the last Eufy system update I’ve had this problem. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

is your phone connected to the same wifi when you are experiencing this issue? Or are you on cellular service?

The issue happens whether I’m on the same WiFi network or on cellular using the Eufy iOS app.

I took the Ethernet cord out of the Homebase 2 and used the hotspot WiFi on my iPhone and was able to change the activity zone and motion detection to all movement on one of my cameras and after I plugged in the Ethernet cord again I couldn’t make the mentioned above changes again.

Eufy Support just notified me that a new Homebase 2 update will be implemented within 48 hours. ( Brace yourself those who wish you had the option to add the new update or not.

Any changelog aside from the screenshot and entry sensor features from
Are you the only one getting it (as a test), or everybody?

They didn’t mention the details of the new update or if I’m the only one getting it and in fact I never got the update that you mentioned ( and I just checked my device info and it said I was up to date with That’s pretty interesting.

Everyone’s waiting for for the screenshots ik notification lol. Here you are calling I don’t care about the numbers, as long as it lands in 48 hours and has the two features I’m waiting for :smiley:

Roger that and be careful what you wish for.
:wink: All I know is that I’ve been dealing with a broken system update for the last month and have put way too much time and energy into it. I don’t update my phone right away to see how the update performs and I think Eufy should give us the option to update or not. I’ll post when they push the new update to me.

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Thankfully my updates install fine so far. I did uncheck the ‘auto update’ in the Google play store for the eufy app.
Good thing to post when you get it, I’ll do the same :slight_smile:

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Did you get it?

No, I just checked and still on, and they can’t use business days only as an excuse. I’m not surprised.

A very sad story indeed. Hopefully it will be released soon.
They said you’d get the update due to the issues you described in this topic?

They just mentioned that I should look for the update in 48 hours and let them know if it helped. Nothing more was said, probably because they’re dealing with a lot of other people.

No update as of now. I’ll keep checking.

Monday, September 28th and still no pushed update. If that changes I’ll report it here promptly. :pensive:

Asked about it and got this reply:

The latest version of the firmware for the home base is version I already forward the order for pushing the new update to the appropriate office internally. Please check whether this has now been carried out in the next 48 hours.

I checked my email this morning and Eufy support said the update was on its way and when I checked there was an update available (
I tried updating using my Velop mesh system via Ethernet and WiFi with no success so I pulled out the ASUS router and was able to successfully update to the latest version. However, nothing has changed as far as being able to see detected motion on the app for the two 2C cameras or receive notifications that motion was detected. I can see live video on both of these cameras and my Eufy doorbell camera seems to be working fine and can detect and record events.

Good you have it and nice to hear it’s working! Strange again that I hear is on its way and you got already!

It really did nothing for my situation. I think the last update ( did something to my Homebase 2. It hasn’t been the same since and it had no issues at all starting in May.