2C and Homebase 2 Questions

I am just setting up 3x 2C cams and a Homebase 2 and I had a couple of questions that I can’t figure out.

  1. Is it possible to set up different security settings for each camera, or do the security setting apply only to the Homebase? i.e Can I have 1 camera on a timed schedule and 2 cameras on geofencing?

  2. Is it possible to default the sound to OFF whenever I view a live feed? 99% of the time when I’m looking at a live feed I just want the picture and not the random car/bird/wind/water fountain noise. I would rather turn ON the sound when I want it then turn OFF the sound nearly every time.

Last question, I promise.
3) 2K Pan and Tilt Question (I bought one of these also). Is is possible to set it up to pan back and forth looking for movement? The location of the camera is in a large room and access to power requires it to be placed in the middle of the long wall so I can either look at one half of the room or the other half without panning around. I would be nice if it was possible to get the camera to pan between two points back forth looking for motion. Seems a bit silly to not be able use the pan capability (unless I’m missing something).

Thanks in advance for any answers.
It is much appreciated.