2c 4 cameras kit expending base connection

2c 4 cameras kit. How to expand base connection to all 4 cameras. Some of the cams need to be far from base.

There is no way to extend the wifi protocol that Homebase uses. A normal extender won’t work. What you can do is switch the Homebase to Wifi and then move it so it has the best signal to all your devices. I did this when setting my cameras up. When I found the best spot for my homebase so it communicated well to all my devices, I ran an ethernet cable back to the router and switched the Homebase back to ethernet. If that doesn’t work for you, the only other option is use a second Homebase for your devices that are far away. The drawback there is that you can’t manage all your devices like you can on one Homebase. Automations don’t work across Homebases and Modes and Schedules only work on individual homebases and the devices that are paired with it.

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