25 watt charger?

Hi, I can charge my cameras and doorbell with my Samsung 25 watt charger. Or should I use a charger with less wattage?

Charge with the 25w, It’ll speed up your recharge time compared to my measly 12w

So it will not harm the batteries

No the batteries will be fine

DO NOT! charge your camera batteries with a 25w charger. the only reason cell phone companies have such high recharge rates is for marketing. they don’t care if your batteries are toast in a year as long as it gets beyond their warranty. the only reason eufy has a usb on their homebase 2 is to slowly charge the cameras. they (eufy) don’t even recommend using a wall outlet usb charging method. either a pc/laptop or homebase is your best method for long camera life. read this (https://newatlas.com/electronics/extend-life-lithium-ion-batteries/).

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There is no need to start insulting. dpoppo is not entirely wrong about the impact different voltages can have on batteries when charging. Though eufy should negotiate with the charger what comes into the camera when charging. Most chargers have a default voltage of 5V/2A so that’s just safe. Eufy even states in their manuals that you can use a charger aside from the homebase USB port.

My oneplus charger only charges at 5V/6A when connected to a supported oneplus device, it falls back to ‘default’ 5V/2A when charging for instance, my headset.


The charger will autonegotiate an acceptable charge rate for the device, which is determined by the configuration of the Eufy device, if you have a standards compliant charger. Basically all of the ones out there are, including Samsung’s. Any that aren’t standards compliant are hazards as they might damage the end device.

So it won’t harm your device - but it almost certainly won’t take advantage of the extra power either. Most devices can’t use even 2A@5V, or 10W. 5W is more common for small electronics devices. Your 25W charger probably starts by sending 2.5W (500mA @5V, USB 2 default power limits) and works up from there based on what the device requests. It probably won’t get about 1-2A.

There are real concerns about battery degradation if they are charged too fast. It isn’t going to be instantaneous or anything, but shortening the overall lifespan. Mostly because fast charging generates more heat inside the battery, and the heat is bad for batteries in general. But again - this isn’t likely to be an issue because your Eufy device won’t draw more power than the engineers think it can safely charge with and dissipate the heat from.

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another good read (https://www.theregister.com/2019/06/05/liion_battery_scan_charging/)


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