2 Pro cams lose motion detection sensitivity

Had my system set up over a month now and notice it’s not always picking up human movement. When I set the cameras to motion test mode the red lights dont light to show movement being picked up. If I switch cams off and on motion test then works. This isnt good as means I cannot trust the system is working when I go out and need the system to work.


Hello! I have similar problem with my one eufycam 2 pro. I have in option all motion detection. This camera check road in front of my home. Camera works fine few days - record videos with cars and humans and after few days she stops detecting anything. When she stops I dont have any videos recorded. I need to change motion sensivity from 7 to other and back to 7 and then she works again fine without problems. Any ideas how to solve this problem? Camera is fixed about 2.8m high, but this isn’t a problem I think.

In my case I just switch the camera off and on again but we need to know why it’s happening!

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Hello I have got the 2C cameras and mine is doing exactly the same I have to turn them off and back on again this is a problem

I think this is a problem with software and this is not new. I found similar problems from last year. How to solve that? EUFY we need feedback from your side!

Having the same problems with my EufyCam 2 Pro & 2C cameras. Sporadically does not detect any movement or record even in front of the cameras? Turn off camera, restart Homebase helps sometimes, but needs to be constantly done everyday? Sometimes this doesn’t fix the issue, I repeat the process and most of the times it works again for a while? Hoping Eufy are aware and trying to fix? Not much confidence for a security system!


Any chance to get feedback from #AnkerSupport?!?!?!

I found that if you turn off a camera or turn off motion on a camera in the group.
The other cameras will stop detecting motion…
As if the cameras are not independent of each other.
------ Scenario --------
I have a 2 camera system (2c Pro). One is installed, the other is will be installed soon.
So, I turned off the non-installed camera via the app, and my motion detection stopped working on the installed camera.
And if the non-installed camera is on, and has the motion detection turned off, the installed camera again will stop detecting motion. When I turn both the camera back on, and turn on the motion on the non-installed camera, the installed camera starts detecting motion again.

I have the same problems with my three Pro 2 cameras they have a mind of they own sometimes they catch motion and other times you can stand in front of them and nothing happens i am slowly loosing faith with these products also the sound has stopped working altogether on one camera. I contacted customer services not much help from them tbh .

That’s not good to hear. I just received mine and out of the box there’s issues such as audio and sensor issues. Mine thinks it’s day time all the time as at night it comes on with colour first before it switch to night mode B&W, this will make setting Human Motion useless as night time it will only detect human motion rather than switch to All motion. And my audio is bad very soft, not that clear and you hear a lot of cackling/static when you turn volume up and afraid that will fail soon.