2 Factor Authentication

Eufy please add 2 Factor Authentication to the Eufy App. This is something that every Security Company should have on their app. Thanks!


Hey @jls4wheeler,

For the 2 Factor Authentication feature, we will consider the possibility of future development.

You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding, which would be a huge encouragement for us to seeking continuous improvement.

Any other concerns we can address in the future, please feel free to contact us.


Great! Hopefully it comes soon!


+1 This is a must for any product that takes security seriously. Please implement asap. (see the notoriety and negative publicity your large Bezos owned competitor got).
Much appreciated.


I wanted to buy your indoor cameras but won’t until you have two factor authentication. I need the security of two factor authentication in order to have cameras inside my home. I am very concerned about being hacked. You make great products that work well. I want to be able to buy Your indoor cameras. Please have two factor authentication


I totally agree with you!!

This isn’t something that should be “considered” as a “possibility” for a security product. It should be MANDATORY! I for one am very deeply disappointed that 2FA isn’t a thing with Eufy and am pausing my rollout here while I reconsider the alternatives. When it’s implemented, it can’t be stressed enough that SMS shouldn’t be the way it’s done, or at least not the only way. The better way is via an authorized app like Arlo does, or with a one-time PIN via Authy, Google Authenticator, 1Password, etc.

While I’m at it, your password requirements are a bit on the weak side. I’m used to using long, strong passwords and my hangup here is the password requirements limited me to 18 characters. 18. That’s poor in the grand scheme of things, and even poorer considering 2FA is not available.


+1 - please add 2 Factor Authentication!


Please add


+1 - Please add 2FA for authentication token via Authenticator App not just via text/email.

+1 - Remove password limit and add ability to use special characters


I’m having the same issue right now. I purchased 10 of the new Indoor Cams 2k and between my password showing up as my username/name and no 2FA, I am having second thoughts with continuing. I am considering returning them all and going elsewhere. I like my privacy and a company that is selling security items that view our homes inside and out while their app or website does NOT have any 2FA, is concerning.

It shouldn’t be considered or coming in the future. It should already be here!

Completely agree with this. 2 factor authentication is a must for a security system.

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Completely Agree

Would like to see support for Authy or Yubikey

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Originally I was very mellow when I posted this. That’s because I’m not super concerned about about 2 Factor Authentication for OUTDOOR cameras. But then Eufy Released their INDOOR cameras STILL WITHOUT 2 Factor Authentication. I have since changed my tune about Eufy Having 2 Factor Authentication.

It is absolutely absurd to not have 2 Factor Authentication in a Security App!!! I WILL NOT PUT CAMERAS IN MY HOUSE WITHOUT 2 Factor Authentication. I don’t really care about 2 Factor Authentication for Eufy Cameras outside. BUT INDOORS??? Are you trying to let the cameras be hacked??? WHOS BRIGHT IDEA WAS IT TO NOT PUT 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION IN THE APP??

@AnkerSupport don’t come in here and be like “For the 2 Factor Authentication feature, we will consider the possibility of future development.

You have our promise that our engineers would work day and night to improve this product and we are glad to have your support and understanding” That’s a bunch of crap. WE NEED 2 FACTOR AUTHENTICATION IN THE EUFY SECURITY APP NOW.

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@AnkerSupport 2FA should be here now! Not later, not “we’ll consider it for future development”. You cannot in good conscious sell or market “security” items without it. Period, the end.

Stop making new things, bolster, secure and clean up what you have. That’s the mark of a good company. Not making more stuff. Do that later.

100% Its Security!!! We should HAVE 2 Factor Authentication not be told it will be CONSIDERED for further development!


This should absolutely be a priority for development. Once accounts start getting brute forced or hacked this will be a massive PR problem for Eufy/Anker.


Seems it was just added to the iOS app for Germany and Canada

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I would like to know why just for these 2 regions…

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I suspect that enabling 2FA for everyone carries some added cost for Eufy (e.g. additional infrastructure and outgoing data from AWS). I also suspect they had to enable 2FA in some countries due to regulations (otherwise they can’t sell their product there).

In the end, it looks like Eufy is only adding features that put money in their pockets and they couldn’t care less about their customers “security” - ironic given that they use “security” as a justification for their dependence on the cloud while the real reason is so they can sell your personal information to the highest bidder.