197 iPhone notifications (iPhone)

Hi. All of a sudden my eufy app is saying I’ve had 197 notifications/ activations. I have opened the app and cleared the notifications then when the camera is activated again I get 198 notifications. Has anyone else experienced this. It’s also happening on my wife’s phone. We both have iPhones and both are up to date. Confused :thinking:

Not exactly… mine isn’t making notifications for no reason. I do think it’s interesting that your number of notifications incrimented by one (from 297 to 298) even though I presume you cleared your notifications. Sounds like a coding bug?

Speaking of bugs, mine is giving me a lot of notifications for a different reason :sweat_smile: After nightfall (and infrared video capture starts), my doorbell thinks my Halloween decorations (pumpkins and a flower pot on top of a hay bale) are humans, and every time a bug flies by my phone notifies me that someone is at the door every few minutes. Creepy! But more annoying:

Weird how the app is now showing the amount of notifications

Annoying :woozy_face:

Well, if you just don’t want to see the numbered badge on the app, you can switch it off by going to your iPhone’s Settings app>Notifications>eufy Security and then tap the button for Badges

You will still hear doorbell chimes and get Lock Screen notifications for motion and doorbell presses.

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Thanks for the reply and tips. Now the app notifications have corrected themselves. Weird. So now the app correctly shows the right amount of notifications :crazy_face:

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Maybe it was an over the air update/hotfix that was pushed to all devices, but anyway I’m glad it had a happy ending for you! :slight_smile: