Recording doesn’t start soon enough

I have Been trying for about. Week to get my camera to record starting at the end of my driveway toward my home. Specifically the end of my driveway. I have Had delivery people knock down my lamppost and ruin my stone wall. Although the live look through the camera shows all I need to Record, and I have NOT designated a specific area in order to keep camera from getting it all, it will only pick up halfway down my drive. The company kindly sent me a second camera to see if it would work. I mounted that camera so that the driveway is not DIRECTLY in front of the camera but rather so the car would cross its path. That doesn’t work either. It begins recording in the same spot as the first camera. Then completely by accident I happened to be looking at the live camera when a car arrived and it showed it turning into the driveway at the very end exactly where I want it to begin recording. This leads me to believe the problem is that the camera isn’t beginning recording soon enough. Is there a way get it to record sooner. There is a delay

You can adjust the sensitivity. But Chances are it won’t help. These cameras have an extremely long delay be design.

This is to help the battery last longer.
Motion has to be detected for long enough before it trips the camera to wake, and begin recording.

Otherwise every little motion would trigger recording, and wasting battery.

Sorry if this was not the response you were looking for. But having messed with these long enough, it’s the truth… They just suck like that.

So youre saying that it isn’t going to record what I want no matter what? How is that security?


I feel the delay starting after the last update. I haven’t had this problem until now. I’ve owned them for almost 3 years. (I think)
All settings are the same.