Older version of the Eufy app allows Privacy Zones on Floodlight Camera 2K, but newer versions of the app does not offer this feature. Why?

I have a Eufy Floodlight Camera 2K and just discovered that older versions of the Eufy app allow us to add “Privacy Zones” but new updated versions of the app no longer have this feature…

Eufy Security App version 3.5.1_1159(US) on my Smart TV allows creation of privacy zones for the Floodlight. This “Privacy Zones” setting is found by clicking the gear icon for the camera and settings such as Motion Detection, Light Settings, Video Quality, etc… are found in this main camera setting menu, along with the “Privacy Zones” category. You can then click into that and see a brief intro on what Privacy Zones are and then you can click the button to “Add Privacy Zones”. You then can add a blacked out privacy box zone to the camera’s field of view. The box is a rectangle and you can only adjust the length and width of the rectangle, which is crude compared to the 6 point polygon zones available when setting up other motion detection zones. I had a hard time adjusting these 4 points though using my FireTV remote. The points would rarely move how I wanted them to and I reached a point where I could no longer make the box smaller. So I tried the Eufy app on my phone, hoping to have more accurate control, but I found that this Privacy Zone option was not even on my phone’s version of the app, which is version 4.3.0_1365(US). I can create multiple privacy zones on my TV app. These zones shows up on my phone app, including when I record video and screenshots.

So why is the privacy zone option available on the older version of the app, but is missing from a newer up to date version? Where can I find and install previous app versions and if necessary, prevent it from updating so I won’t lose key features like this?

UPDATE: Something is broken now. After deleting the Privacy Zones that I was testing out, every now and then when I go to view the live camera feed, it adds a very large default size privacy zone black box in the center of the screen, severely limiting my view. This happens whether I am using the newer updated app on my phone or the older non-updated app version on my Smart TV. So then since I have no way of changing Privacy Zone settings on my phone, I have to go to my TV and go to the Privacy Zone settings and remove the phantom black box that appeared for no reason. But when I do, it does show it getting removed and revealing a now clear view of the camera, but just as I exit out of that menu/setting, a phantom black box sorta appears. But this remnant black box does not appear, at least until some random later time when I try to view the camera feed.

Another thing I noticed is that when viewing live camera feeds on the TV, it adds a black menu bar of sorts at the top, which essentially removes the same wide rectangle bar’s worth of camera viewing from the bottom. When I view live camera feed on my phone (newer app version), I see 100% full display. When I view on TV (older app version) it is missing a portion on the bottom equal to the full width and about 15% of the height of what should be the full field of view.

I noticed that when creating privacy zones, this difference in view also affected the privacy zone boxes. At times I’d see two version of the small black boxes I created, one slightly higher than the other, in direct correlation to the same difference you see between the camera feed views from one device to another. I know this is a lot of info but I’m trying to explain all the weirdness I’m seeing. When I get time tomorrow I’m probably going to do a factory reset and hopefully get rid of these bugs and just live without the Privacy Zone feature. But I feel like they should fix whatever is wrong with this feature and let us be able to use a functional version of it.

Hi, I don’t have any idea how to help you with the privacy Zone issues.
But possibly for the TV where you say you’re not seeing the full field of view like you see on your phone… it might just be the TVs aspect ratio that’s cutting off the rest of the image. The remote may have a quick setting button to change it, or an option like full-full wide.

Not an aspect ratio issue. TV and phone are both 16:9. The older app on my tv adds a bar to the top of the screen which detracts from what would be the bottom of the camera’s view that I do see a full picture of on my phone.

I didn’t know this was even an option.