IFTTT or Smartthings

Eufy is like the Internet Explorer of the IoT world. Slow, siloed and deaf to customer demands. Let’s see if they also fade into irrelevance. They probably will if they don’t start listening and upping the pace of development to address customer demands - SmartThings, IFTTT, proper Google Assistant integration, Windows app etc.


+1 SmartThings

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I need this system to integrate with LITERALLY ANYTHING ELSE. I want a light to go off when my camera detects motion, or a soft chime to sound. I need notification where the cameras ARE, not on my phone in my pocket.



Create and share secure API access so that the community can build or IFTT, Smartthings, etc integrations.


The only reason why I decided to join the Eufy ecosystem and that I was expecting that it will be available via Smartthings. You can unlock so much potential by doing so, Eufy! Great for the visibility of the company too.


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I really wouldn’t waste your breath on asking for any form of integration that makes the Eufy ecosystem compatible with another. This means no IFTTT, no API (other than the reverse-engineered options around the place) and basically, zero ability to quickly arm or disarm the home security system you paid out good money for in the first place. I know, I’ve been following this closely for a long time now and have had the discussion many times, all to no avail. The facts are -

  • Anker/Eufy promised IFTTT integration from the outset. They have not delivered it and have no current intentions of doing so. This is what we as customers call a blatant lie, a failure to act upon your stated intentions thus reducing the functional value of the investment.

  • I have spent much time relaying the weight of feeling to Eufy Customer Service. They dance around the handbags and promise to always stand behind their product and pass the details on to those responsible for improving the product. But the light of reality shines bright; in actual fact the only thing Eufy wanted to do was pay me off, offering me a 20% refund in lieu of the promised functionality. Not a very enthusing option for any prospective customer methinks?

  • Now Anker/Eufy just stonewall anyone who raises the question or posts wanting an update.

The whole episode leaves me cold I’m afraid. I have a very significant investment in this brand of security equipment with no straightforward way of arming the system when I leave the house (other than changing the status of numerous devices on a one-by-one basis).

So. I’ve given up waiting. I won’t call anymore because I know the answer. But I will ensure that everyone who asks me about my security system, camera’s and home automation gets an honest review of Eufy from the outset. Don’t do it.


I completely agree with the statement of the previous user. I too have invested a significant amount in the ecosystem, relying on the promise that the company will see the immense opportunity to expand it’s exposure by being part of platforms such as Smartthings or IFTTT. No such efforts has been made. The cumbersome process of changing security modes (apart from fixed schedule) along with the unbelievable set-up that outdoor cameras are part of the HomeBase, but indoor ones (such as the 2k) are not !!!, hence changing security mode for each group…absolutely appalled. I will be as vocal I can be dissuading people of purchasing Eufy’s products. Bring better compatibility with larger smart home platforms!


+1 for SmartThings

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Eufy dispose de bonnes caméras pour le prix , mais pas du tout adapté au monde de demain , … très dommage … je suis aussi bloqué dans ma façon d’agir pour sécuriser et simplifier mon fonctionnement car il manque le mode « désarme » dans Alexa , Google Home , pas IFTTT , pas Smarthings … bref produit de base absent du monde connecté … très dommage …

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I would LOVE to be able to use IFTTT to make a few lightbulbs flash when human motion is detected, as I do with my 4 year-old cam system.

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It is very annoying. I’m trying to find an external siren, one loud enough and which can’t be unplugged(!), which I would then link via IFTTT. I don’t think alexa allows nested if conditions, or does geofencing, then if…

Yes, also waiting for these features. Read that creating HomeKit support is much more complex and they managed to do that. So IFTTT and Smart things should not be a problem.

I hate to defend Eufy but the landscape has changed since Sept 20 when IFTTT started charging for advanced features and limited users to 3 free applets. This discouraged many developers and comapnies from partnering with IFTTT because they also pay fees to participate. Not sure abut Smartthings, but Samsung isn’t in the business of handing out free stuff and I suspect their fees have increased as well.

Here’s a link to an article about the change.

+1 for IFTTT and Smart Things.

I would like to change security modes based on my personal needs and pan and tilt based on input from other smart devices like my garage door.

Eufy basically does nothing for existing customers, my reccomendation to all of you is to sell (or return if you can) all your Eufy producst and look for another options… this is what I did and I cannot be more happy.


I support open API


+1 for both

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If you can generate a Webhook in whatever smart switch app you use - you can pretty much do anything - and you don’t need IFTTT.

You just need the MacroDroid app - go to the following link and you will see how easy it is…

+1 Smartthings

It’s keeping me from dumping Arlo

+1 Smartthings