Has anyone painted their contact sensors?

We have an anthracite bifold door and was wondering if anyone has painted their sensor to make it blend in better
I’m assuming it should work without issue given its just magnets but thought I’d ask

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It should I don’t see why not but I would do a light coat fist let dry check and if good go a second thicker coat and if not then use metho to get it clean again! All the best post before and after :grinning::grinning:


I have wrapped my (white) camera with black plastic foil. The shrinkwrap type. The purpose is to make it less visible on the street side of my house. It now blends in better with the background. Works well.

For anyone interested, the spray paint worked a treat :+1:t2:


What type of paint did you use?

Spray paint is the best option as it is very thin paint and gives a far superior finish. I’ve 3 and only one is painted as it’s against a black frame. The other 2 are on white door and inside shed so need no treatment.