Foggy Footage on EufyCam2C

At night when it’s cold my camera looks foggy, if a car light shines on it it is clear so I don’t believe the lens is foggy. Any suggestions please?

Any screenshot available? Is it in all conditions? Or when there’s moisture in the air possibly reflecting the IR light?

My sons eufy 2c pro wireless cam was doing this too. It seemed to happen in the early hours of the morning, probably around 5 degrees. He doesn’t have any saved footage. But said it look like it was foggy on the camera, went outside and didn’t appear foggy. Cleaned the lense, didn’t make a difference. The last few days it hasn’t been reoccurring. On the second camera located at a different location nearby the issue didn’t seem to occur, perhaps it was sheltered location where the local climate was slightly warmer to prevent it happening in that spot compared to the other location which is more exposed.

A further possibility is the light conditions. Perhaps in the darkest part of the night where there is little to no ambient light, the camera can simply not pick up enough detail and appears “foggy” in its definition. I am trying to solve a related issue on one of my cameras.

Mine got foggy after the rain today. It’s been outside for 9 months and it didn’t get foggy during the entire Canadian winter.