Firware Update & Night Vision issues

Seems this Is not an isolated incident.

Brand new Eufycam 2’s refusing to update from 4.4.1 to 4.6.6. Night vision not engaging unless manually toggled (tried toggling this switch several times as reccomended by support)

also one camera keeps going offline.

wondering if there is a batch of duds out there and whether I should just exchange but don’t want to exchange for another dud. I have read about the chip substitutions on the pro cameras, did this happen on the standard 2 models also?


Can u add me on discord or reddit?

sorry, i don’t know how to do that, I don’t have accounts with either of those sites.

Can you keep me updated if you solve it?

I tried everything, reset home base, remove device then added again (in this case night vision works for like 10-20 min until the update appears) then it s done no night vision no ir leds no click on the camera

absolutely, I would appreciate the same. Currently trying to resolve with customer support who said they have to trasnfer me to another department as it is a very rare problem (clearly not that rare) so have tempted to just send back to the seller if they don’t resolve the issue soon. Shame as if they worked as intended they would be absolutely awesome .

Did you called them or sent an email?

Have you contacted suppoort yet? and enabled them access to your hub?

email. they got back within 24 hours

I sent an email 10 hours ago but nothing yet, in my case i thought it s because the internet connection,(but the homebase updated sucesfully) did u have a good internet connection?

Yes internet is good. one of the cameras is right next to router and still have IR and firmware issues with that so that doesnt appear to be the problem.

Homebase is updating fine for me also

where did you purchase fom out of interest?

When did u send the email to the support, u got an automatic reply and then replied with the issue serial number and devices, right? How long ago did u send the email?

Ah ok different suppliers. I have had 2 responses from them both replied the following morning. but I suspect there will be time zone issues as I doubt the tech team will be in the same country

Yeah, i hope it s just a software issue and it can be solved with an update, i don t wanna exchange them though

Did u try remove them from the app and add them back? For me that works for like 10 min, including night vision but after the update kicks in it s back to where i started. Ps it doesn t show the status of the update, if it s succeeded or it fails just says camera updating and the firmware version stays the same. It s the same for you after u try to update?

yes, same symptoms

Keep me updated please and thank you, i ll post if i solve it!

Will do!