Facial Recognition User Guideline for eufy Video Doorbell Dual (Battery-Powered)

What is Facial Recognition ?

Video Doorbell Dual can detect familiar faces when someone approaches or rings the doorbell. Our AI technology gets to work and sends you a notification so you can say “hello.”

Note: Facial Recognition is undergoing beta testing. We welcome your feedback to improve this feature. Scroll to the bottom of this article to find ways you can contact us.

How to Optimize Facial Recognition

1.Install the doorbell where there’s good daylight, and it’s directly in front of approaching visitors.
2.You’ll notice higher recognition rates if you have a wide porch (10 ft / 3 m or more) or your visitor looks right at the doorbell.

When Does Facial Recognition Work Best

A. Coming Home : When your visitor approaches with his or her head up and forward, he or she will most likely be recognized around 7-10 ft (2-3 m) away as long as he or she is walking directly in front of the doorbell.

B. Familiar Faces : People programmed as a Familiar Face will more likely be recognized.

Let’s Explain the Technology

We’re able to see wider angles at further distances, just like your doorbell. And like our eyes, your doorbell doesn’t have as wide of a field of view when objects come close.

Facial recognition is a bit different though. Unlike a V-shaped detection, this detection looks more like a house. So, if someone approaches too far to the left or right of your door, they won’t get detected.

And if you like numbers, here are some stats:

  1. Widest Detection Angle - Starts at 7 ft ( 2m)
  2. Horizontal Detection Distance - Max 2 ft (0.7 m)
  3. Likely Detection Range - Between 7-10 ft (2-3 m)

What Affects Facial Recognition


Video Doorbell Dual uses machine learning to ensure notifications are as accurate as possible, but the technology isn’t always perfect. We’re continuing to improve our technology. Help us improve by uploading your pictures and videos.

Installation Position

We recommended installing the doorbell at a height of 4 ft (1.2 m) above the ground. When a person stands in front of the doorbell, their face should be in the middle of the frame. Doorbells mounted on the side wall will not be able to recognize faces.

Lighting Conditions

A. Backlighting

This can happen during the day or at night and can reduce the accuracy of facial recognition.

B. Weak Lighting

Cloudy days or insufficient lighting at night may not produce enough illumination for Facial Recognition to work.

C. Recommendation

Purchase a smart fill light to help better illuminate faces in both scenarios.

Human Behavior

A. Walking Path

As mentioned previously, your visitor will be recognized if he or she looks directly at the doorbell while approaching for at least 1-2 seconds. People who are further than 10 ft (3 m) away or less than 2 ft (0.5 m) away will not be recognized.

B. Walking Speed

If a visitor walks toward your door at a speed greater than 3 mph (5 kph), Facial Recognition accuracy will decline.


Facial Recognition does not work for people wearing masks, sunglasses, or other accessories. For people who wear glasses, the recognition rate will also decline.

Low-Quality Reference Pictures

For the best experience, upload high-resolution images of you and your loved ones’ faces to the eufy Security app. It’s best if the picture has nothing in front of the face. In addition, upload pictures without glasses, hats, motion blur, or nighttime black and white photos.

Smudged Camera Lens

Facial Recognition accuracy falls if your lens becomes dirty or foggy. You can wipe the camera with a clean, lint-free cloth to improve the detection rate.

Improve This Feature

If you’re not satisfied with Facial Recognition, tell us. We want to improve, and you can help. Share a video or picture of a face that wasn’t recognized, and we’ll use your data to help train our AI to do better. You can use the eufy Security app or contact us at support@eufylife.com. With your help, we can ensure Facial Recognition works 100% of the time for you.


Thought this was a dream long gone. New dual doorbell bringing back the dead?!? Go Eufy! Can’t wait to hear some feedback on this difficult gig.

Me too. With the KS v1 home base be seeing similar updates and improvements to the onboard facial recognition?

Does this feature send biometric data to the cloud?

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Will facial recognition roll out for just the Dual, or will it extend to all 2K devices? I’m eyeing the 2k single wired doorbell. There are other products out there that do facial recognition, if I need to go up to the dual, that’s an additional $100 investment, which changes the calculus a bit.

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This is a great feature and working well in my house - is it possible to introduce a feature where you can turn off or on alerts for familiar faces - I don’t really need alerts when I arrive home.


Can someone tell me if the AI is all within the device and no picture procressing happens on the cloud or do the pictures get uploaded to the cloud, processed there and then the outcome shared with the device?

If it is on the cloud, where is the location of that cloud? US, UK, China…?


This is a nice feature but currently all it means is one more notification. I already get too many notifications per event - motion detections, human detections, and then one per recognized face. I wish we could condense notifications or get one notification and then secondary information as silent add ons as the information processes (like faces).

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I believe it is local or at least they are implying it is.

I found this on the “?” of the same screen. It is on-chip, not cloud-based Ai.

I see this is a beta feature on the dual
Is this always going to be limited to 10 faces? That seems like about 1/10th as many as one might need. I have kids and a lot of family that visit, 10 is far too few for a count

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Are you able to perform any automations or anything based on facial recognition or is it just for notifications right now?

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10 people is 1/10th of the amount you need???

10 people is probably overkill for my house lol…I may only need like 3 people to recognize at my place lol. That means either two things; I either have no friends or I just don’t like a lot of people at my house lol. My home is my sanctuary.

Eufy is like an an analog device not user friendly in home automation

There are reports that personal information is collected and stored in the cloud. Totaly unacceptable.