Dual camera 2K video doorbell thumbnail picture preview

Upgraded to the eufy battery dual camera 2K video doorbell, from the eufy 2k battery video doorbell. Been in use for a few days but noticed notifications does not include thumbnail picture previews. I have had the odd one or two notification which did include the thumbnail picture preview, but very sporadic? I have checked all my setting on the doorbell and iPhone all correct. My older eufy battery 2k video doorbell consistently had thumbnail picture previews with all notifications with motion or with doorbell press. Is anyone else having the same issues? I have restarted my HomeBase, changed to different notifications from the eufy app, factory reset the doorbell but still the same?

I have also set my motion to maximum 5 and to all motion, it will only pickup someone walking up to the front door about 15 feet. I was hoping it would pickup further away?

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