Disable motion detection across all devices?

We just installed the 2k wired doorbell. And I installed the app on my phone, and my parents’ phones. I see the snooze option on the settings. That option appears to just snooze alerts on my particular phone, but the camera will still record motion during the night, and I presume, those events will show on the other phones. This will be a funny question, but is there a way for me to completely disable motion recording from my phone, so that nothing is recorded, and no events get logged on the other phones too (so that I can sneak a girl in during the night!) :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Do not have the doorbell but is there a turn off mode like other cameras. If so, you can turn it off during that night time :slight_smile: visit and turn it on after they get in or leave (do not want to get caught when leaving, right)

Will leave this to those that know more.

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Maybe I missed the turn off mode, still getting a feel for the app and stuff. From what I’m seeing, it looks like the controls for the doorbell are per device. I need to disable it across all phones.