Can't Automations be set on or off for each security modes?

Hi all,

Just bought doors/windows sensors and installed them all (no issue).

I’ve set automations to switch on alarms of specific cameras and start recording depending of which sensor been opened.

Issue is with “Home” security mode since I cannot open any window without sounding the alarm in my house. Some of you will say "alright then just set it as “Disarmed”… correct, but in my Home mode my wireless doorbell is checking what’s happening in front of my house where in Disarmed mode is not :pensive:.

So, I would propose @AnkerSupport to consider (which list :grin:) to allow to deactivate uneeded automations in certain security modes.


Agreed and it has been asked over and over again.

An Offcial answer from @eufy_official on the chances to get that implemented would be nice…

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