Cameras are not very reliable

The longer we use the cameras the more they seem to becoming unreliable, I have one pointing to my front door it will pick dog walkers coming past the house yet if a delivery driver comes to the front door it very really picks them up. Is anybody else experiencing the same problem. They seem very intermittent and I’m now starting to think they’re not fit for purpose


Yep. See my other posts about this.
They are basically a novelty. A toy.
I’m technically inclined, and can’t get them to work proper.
I use 5 of theses, have one 7ft away from driveway, 4ft off ground, yet can’t get it to detect, record, alert. Can’t even capture license plates.


Recording is not working at all times. Settings are correct yet the doorbell camera (wired) is not picking up all activity. Also, no recordings are made when watching in live view. This needs to be corrected. I’m ready to buy a different brand due to this instability.


Same here. I am vested in the system so will just wait till they all die and try another brand. Very intermittent. I have 2 2pro, doorbell 2 k, and c24 outdoor. It goes offline sporadically. The recordings have people walking to my door but recordings cuts out and next video the person walking away. What the hell is that kind of recording. I had experience with Anker but this brand makes me have second thoughts. When I walk in my driveway and into the House, my notifications come on when I am basically looking the door already. What’s the point.


Our cameras are set to max sensitivity and all motion detection. Still hasn’t captured us walking in and out of the house all day.
They’re seriously rubbish and have zero reliability.


Motion detection…. Fun right!?! Show us your cams view and I bet we can help. Or at least give you some thoughts. ( what cam by the way )

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We all have to come to the fact that this brand is a fraud,it does not do what its supposed to,everything you expect it to do,motion detection,high resolution,wifi range,recording,speaker performance,everything you expect it to do,it fails at, i can’t believe this is under the anker brand,i wish i could get a refund honestly


wow I thought it was me, pretty disappointed with the 2kfloody

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I’m vested in 7 of these dam cameras too. I have not been happy since day 1. I get no notifacations unless I open the app. Really wanted to love them.

Same here. I really want to love the system. It’s just so unreliable. I bought c24 outdoor plugged to compliment the battery cameras. Turns out the battery ones are more consistent. I did a lot of research before jumping in. These cameras got great reviews. Just felt like I got duped. So the camera are just decorations for the front house.


Same here, not very reliable at all. Randomly will detect people crossing the front but when someone is at the door or postie is here no notification at all. Using three 2c pro and useless product this is.

Absolutely unreliable. Now my post about areas were Eufy could make improvements have been hidden citing inappropriate content! Has anyone else had such issues?

Yes absolutely agree, system is even getting worse.

Agree, they cannot be relied on. It’s hit and miss.

I went all out bought the base and like 6 cameras and doorbell they don’t show events unless I’ve open the app that one camera didn’t show any event but yet it has been pecked to death.

Same here. Very frustrating. Such a delay in the recordings to. A person could be in my house b4 notification comes through.

Same here put them up for months and totally and utterly unreliable have been numerous sensor events today yet virtually none of them picked up as a deterrent probably ok as a camera system useless

And I’ve set them up correctly using the motion sensor red light but makes no difference

The idea is good that’s why we’ve been sucked in but the implementation is poor