Camera disappeared from app

Today morning we noticed that all of our home cameras have disappeared from the eufy app. Any idea to what could have gone wrong?

I’m having this problem, did you find a solution?

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I have not had this problem yet; however, Eufy has pushed out an app update and also some firmware updates for certain cameras. Make sure you keep the app and all the cameras’ firmware up to date.

I’m having same issue cameras disappeared from app like the app reset or something and now trying to set everything back up and it says unable to add home 2 ?? I’ve tried several times then I reset it don’t know what else to do and cameras won’t work with home base 2

Hae you tried checking the Home selector at the top left side of the app. It can be set for a specific location, but if you can’t see your devices, hit the down arrow and select either "Shared Devices " or “All Devices” .