Battery 2K doorbell picking up people outside activity zone

I’m getting lots of notifications from my doorbell when someone walks past my house, on the pavement but outside the activity zone I’ve set.

Meanwhile, I frequently don’t get notified when someone walks onto the driveway within the activity zone! Have I misunderstood the zone? Have I set my driveway to be ignored??

I’ve attached three images:

  • my settings
  • my activity zone
  • a screenshot of a recent notification (no one set foot within the activity zone).

Any ideas what I’m doing wrong?

Exact same scenario for me. Hope someone can help with this

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Try to move the :sunflower: sunflower plant to se if doing the same. Can be an false/positive from shadows or plants. Another thing you can try is too reduce motion detection with 1 point less.

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Unfortunately Eufy does not have box showing detection is
Wyze has that feature very nicely

ske211 you’re not doing anything wrong. Your Activity Zone looks fine and it’s the proper way anyone would have set it up.
I cannot get mine to work properly as advertised constantly picking up movement outside of the zone and I have three cameras.
Copied from eufy FAQ:
What will happen if I set the activity zone?

  1. If someone enters the zone, the system will push notifications and record clips.

  2. If someone does not enter the zone, but in the camera image viewing, the system will not record and push notifications.

What can I do if it still sends a notification when activity zones are set?

You can fine-tune the area borders. Tuning the activity zone is a trial-and-error process as the camera’s views are different from user to user.

The last paragraph makes no sense. Cameras views are different from user to user… What??

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Welcome to Eufy hell, where everything works exactly opposite of what you’d expect. The hardware is solid, the software blows.

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Thanks all. I’ve been away and trying different settings while away. I seem to be consistently getting alerts about activity outside the activity area, but no alerts when someone steps onto the drive (eg the postman)!

It’s infuriating. I avoided the cheaper doorbells and chose Eufy as I like the indoor cam of theirs I have, but I’m regretting it now!

I get alerts and videos when somone rings the bell at least.

I’m surprised Eufy isn’t working on this more, given there’s a lot of competition in this area.

I have one suggestion. If you haven’t tried it yet, delete the Activity Zone and leave Detection Type on Human Only and since your doorbell appears to be mounted about 25 ft from the walkway choose a Sensitivity of 2 or 1 and test how that works out.

Is that the dual or normal 2K camera?
I get a completely different app UI to you re: sensitivity…