3 Simple Steps to make a LOUD external Eufy sensor triggered siren! (UPDATED 14/3/22 - high reliability Webhooks)

We all know the Eufy siren is a JOKE - and useless.

You can get either frustrated with Eufy about what features are missing - or fix the problem yourself.

I have robustly tested Eufy’s security system over a number of months - and it is highly reliable and does not false trigger.

So I just built on what they have supplied to get things like a LOUD siren working with the Eufy system.

I have distilled what I have designed and built into 3 simple steps in this PDF document…


My full document can be found in the post below if you are interested. Once I learnt how easy MacroDroid and eWeLink made life working with - and integrating other systems into the Eufy security system - I was able to take my home security to a whole new level - really quickly - and is now pretty much limited by my imagination…


UPDATE for high reliability Webhook execution of MacroDroid ACTIONS…

I have found the following gives me highly reliable execution of Webhook URLs. On testing you may not see an eWeLink Scene change from ‘Enable’ to ‘Disable’ - but what you observe is likely NOT the actual operational condition - so don’t get fooled - TEST!

In MacroDroid do the following:

+ ACTION -> Applications - > Open Website - > Paste in the Webhook URL -> then untick ‘URL encode parameters’ and then tick 'HTTP GET (No web browser)'

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The link is blocked for me. Can you post the instructions in text below?


It is a shared (read-only) PDF document in my MS OneDrive in the cloud.

I just tested 2 different web browsers I am not logged in with and can display the document in both (the same access permissions that you have) - you should have no issue - it has explanatory graphics - you need to read it in that format.