?ZYH? notification

randomly getting this ?ZYH? notification does anyone know what it is or means and how can i get rid of it cheers ive included a screenshot

What am I looking at? The planets and stars? I don’t get this anywhere on my Eufy app?

I’ve never seen notifications like that before.

do you not see the notification that says ?ZYH?

Of course I see it… but I don’t recognize what I’m looking at. Is this the eufy app?

Are these alerts all from the same camera? Did you use special characters naming it? Have you tried removing and re adding specific camera?

Starting getting this too about a month ago, been driving me nuts.

Tried logging out of app, deleting app, resetting Homebase. None of it works, always comes back.

I’ll get 100 or so notifications for a few hours then it disappears for 24-48 hours and comes back.

No cameras on my system just home alarm stuff.

Did you end up figuring it out?

that was the same thing happening to me, its not happened recently im assuming its fixed its self

Mine stopped happening about 5 or 6 days ago, yet to come back but I fear it will at some time return