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Is My Smart Lock Really Waterproof ? | Rainy Day Advice

Auto-Lock :fire:New

Alarm system

Keypad Essentials :fire:New

Ecosystem Automation

Indoor Cam

How to Make your NAS Available on Indoor Cam? :fire:New

Homekit guideline :fire:New


Cloud storage


Homekit Announcement

Beginner’s guide

Doorbell / Battery Doorbell

Link a motion sensor to your doorbell to enhance the battery life :fire:New

Battery managment

Motion detection

Video Quality

eufyCam 2/2C


Working mode

Motion detection

eufyCam E

Wi-Fi Connection

Baby monitor

Stable streaming and sound detection :fire:New

Update guideline

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Is there a way to maintain this index at the top of conversation listing as this index will provide invaluable to new users?

Good POR


@JonnyBravo that is an excellent shout thank you I’ll definitely earmark it.

I was just thinking for new users who have just joined the community.


Thank you for your suggestion, yes, this is exactly what we want to do, this index will be placed on the top of the community for a long time, so that everyone can retrieve the required information at any time.:smile:


Awesome! this is a great source of information on all eufy products, I just used it 3 times already. So bookmarking it myself.

It is so happy that we can help you!!:smile::smile:


Second homebase installed, Goes off line when I leave Home??? Why???


O wow this is a lot of information. Very nice.


For details, please contact our customer service team via

lots of good info here


Ros bya1likenthis

There is one setting on indoor 2k pan & tilt cam I don’t really understand the use of.
Interval time (mins)
Interval time between event notification and recording.

Why would you want the camera to wait some minutes after notifying an alarm event BEFORE it starts recording? Surely you want that as short as possible or even pre event recording !


PLEASE…Someone at Eufy, can you expound considerably on the “INTERVAL TIME” setting for the indoor 2K PTZ cam?

The explanation in the app is beyond poor. It does NOT adequately instruct users as to what the setting does, much less how the individual (user selectable) time variables actually CHANGE the behaviour(s) of the cameras recordings and/or the way(s) in which these settings modify the triggering of notifications within the app. I’ve attempted to discover what modifying these time intervals does in my specific situations but it is not clear what is actually occurring.

The only thing I can say beyond a shadow of doubt is that notifications are routinely LATE coming to my phone and often are occurring AFTER I’ve opened the app to check for recorded video due to being already fully aware that I should have been notified that someone was on my property.

It is puzzling and frankly irritating beyond words to be viewing a recorded clip and THEN suddenly a notification for this event pops up …as if the event is just occurring! This despite the event occurring minutes to even hours earlier. The app is a HUGE battery drain and it does NOT get better with successive updates. If anything, it gets worse.

So, as such, I do need to know if this interval time setting in any way relates to WHY notifications are far too often LATE. This is not all the time, but it is most of the time. I have the app set to allow in the background unlimited bandwidth and no battery optimization because I don’t want the app killed otherwise the notifications certainly won’t come through! I wish I didn’t have to set the app to other than OPTIMIZED on my Galaxy S22 Ultra because it shouldn’t require unlimited battery usage and the app is already ill-mannered when it comes to chewing through smartphone and tablet batteries!

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