Yet another Eufy consumer sick and tired of broken geofencing

I am so sick, tired and frustrated with Eufy’s broken geofencing feature. I have had issues with this feature since day one which was over 4 years ago.

My original setup was with a Homebase 2 & 2 Eufycam 2 Pro’s. In the intervening years it has changed and grown to include 1 X Homebase 3 S380, 2 X eufyCam 2 X Pro’s, 2 eufyCam 2C Pro’s, 1 X Video Doorbell S330 Add-on (T8213), 1 X Wired Wall Light Cam S100 (T84A1) and 1 X Indoor Cam S350.

Also in this time period the app has been run on various Samsung handsets & Google Pixels 4XL, 5, 5a, 6 Pro, 6, 6a, 7a & 8 Pro. All permissions have always been granted, foreground operation allowed and full battery usage granted.

I have worked in the security industry in the UK for over 20 years now and one of the reasons that I would never recommend this equipment to any of my customers is the broken geofencing.

How hard can reliable geofencing be? I use several apps which I share my location with on a daily basis. The primary app being Tado° which controls my heating. Do I come home to find that my heating has been on all day? No. Does my heating turn on when I get home? Yes. Does this app use geolocation correctly? You bet it does.

Fortunately I use a graded security system at the property so the risk from the Eufy equipment of not doing it’s intended job is minimal.

Seriously, who would rely on this equipment to alert you of somebody snooping around your property when you were out if you couldn’t even be sure that it had switched to away mode unless you’d switched it manually.

You’d have thought after the security implications of the not encrypted media streams that Anker had to admit to last year that somebody would have sat down to figure out the geofencing with the system at the same time.

I’d really like it if somebody that works for Eufy would reply to this thread. Give us the reasons why geofencing doesn’t work properly for so many of us.

Unfortunately, until this is fixed, I’m out. No more Eufy products. What is undoubtedly a really good product is completely let down by this one thing.

Maybe a better name for the company would be, Eufy Occasional Security.