Yellow motion-generated events on playback removed by Eufy w/o my permission!

For the past 2.5 years I’ve relied on the yellow motion-generated markers on the playback timeline to identify activity around my home as well as track sleep patterns. Around January 11th when looking at my playback timeline it’s solid blue, with no motion-generated yellow markings whatsoever. This change has impacted both the iOS and Android app.

Looking at the details of my cameras software update versions, i see that my cameras all received an update to as of 01-11-2023 and the iOS app was updated “1 week” ago.

Putting 2 and 2 together, it looks to me like Eufy decided to push out a new UI change that removed the yellow motion-generated markings and now only tracks motion-generated events in the “Events” section of the app.

I’m pretty pissed that they’d roll this out without notice or explanation! If this functionality isn’t restored I’ll be looking to replace my Eufy cameras.

I’m using both the Eufy indoor 2k Standalone and PTZ cameras.

I’ve attached a simulated example of what the yellow motion-generated markers used to look like.


Same problem here after Android app update.

Events on event page just disapoeared too.


Same here. Hope they’ll come back soon.
This is not the way.

I do have an overlap with continuous recording schedule. Could this be related?

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I do not think overlap is a problem.

If you play a section in PLAYBACK of your sd card., the player will reset and goto 12.00am after 5 seconds.

You need to submit feedback as well. the more feedback, eufy will look into it faster.

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Same. I hate that I had to research this to find out as well. The yellow bar recordings were good starting points if I ever needed to manually record past that moment. One of the main reasons I got it. I’ll be looking to replace as well if this does not come back soon.

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Just called support and the agent stated that it’s not with this recent update but in the next update (4.5.5) it will be back as stated in their notes. There just isn’t a time frame on when yet.


We are with Eufy 4.5.5 app update but the yeloow event markers are still misding.

Wonder when will the App be fixed

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You have previously given Eufy your permission to make changes to the app when you installed it!

You meant permission to loose basic features?

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Just spoke with a representative & he stated that some people have it but most are still experiencing this issue. They are currently working on it and plan to have an app update later this week. I will follow up this weekend and update you all.

PS; He did have me uninstall and reinstall the app cause that worked for some. It did not for me but something to try

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Thanks for the update! Looking forward to them fixing what they broke.

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We bought several for this reason alone.thisbis number one desired ability. Such a time saver don’t make me switch brands hurry up and fix

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Mine plays for about 40 seconds then goes to 12:00. They have basically ruined the use of all the cameras for me. Couldn’t be more angry at this point.

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I am facing the same problem

I am facing the same problem :frowning:

This is the only reason I purchased eufy. I can still send all of mine back I had a large number. Eufy you should step up for a change and get ahead of things. First security issues know removing features that were the reason for the deal to start with.

wyze still shows motion on timeline…

We are all waiting for Eufy to fix their architecture.

Wyze has other problems worst than missing Highlights

Seems Better Security Architecture is needed

Wyze has started to nickel and dime on everything. They are no longer a worthy comparison.

It’s very boring. We were instantly detecting the problem. Now we can’t see where the problem is. Emergency response, yellow signs are very important.