Wrong user name displayed in events & notifications

Hi all,

This may have already been covered and apologies if it has but the searching I done yielded no relevent results.

OK, so I got a Eufy 1080p doorbell & chime a couple of weeks ago and set it all up as per the instructions, however, for some reason when I signed up for the Eufy Security app, my username was ‘j.d***’ which is part of my email address and it has starred out my full email address. I didn’t really pay much attention to it to begin with and carried on setting up the sytem.

Fast forward to yesterday and I also got the Eufy security pack (Keypad, 2 x door sensors, 1 x motion detector & HomeBase 2) so set that all up in the app and had no issues.

When playing and testing I noticed the notifications said the modes were changed by ‘j.d***’ so went into the app settings and changed my nickname to just ‘John’. Now am I being dense here but even though I have changed the nickname and the app displays ‘John’ in the settings, all my notifications still say ‘j.d***’…

Have I missed something obvious or do I have to go through the whole process of removing and then re-adding the devices so the right name is displayed? I am the only user of the system so it isn’t an issue at all, just confusing. :sweat_smile:

Yeah, I was dense… I just created a new user and hey presto! Problem solved.