Would be; nice to have features

I have quiet a few Eufy devices now and although they work just fine, the issue is automation and extending the eco system. I think if we can get these two features, the eufy system would be near perfect;

  1. Allow chaining of multiple HomeBase 2s.
  2. Better Automation: (For Example) If back door sensor opens, while security is set to away or armed, then all cameras and homebase 2s sound the alarm.
  3. Custom Alarms (why not add police notified or something).
  4. Adding external speaker for a louder alarm.

Right now as it stands I have the backdoor sensor and camera set to the homebase 2 in the basement and the front doorbell, camera and sensor to the homebase 2 in the kitchen. It would be nice to chain them both for more coverage and a louder alarm.

I hope this is something that can be updated via firmware update.